Trios® System

The latest innovative orthodontic technology has all but eliminated the need for putty impressions. Icon Orthodontics utilizes the 3Shape Trios Intraoral scanner to seamlessly capture images of your teeth. No putty in your mouth, no goopy, unpleasant aftertaste.

TRIOS® allows orthodontists like Dr. Sarpotdar and Dr. Sun greater ease in creating digital study models from the impressions. Trios's hand-held wand allows for more thorough treatment planning and case analysis.

By replacing manual methods with digital impression taking, orthodontists and patients both reap a wide range of business benefits such as reduced chair time, increased comfort, fewer retakes, and durable impressions. TRIOS® Ortho's integrated communication tools allow orthodontists to discuss cases and treatment plans in 3D with the lab and colleagues, easing cooperation and ultimately achieving optimal results for the patient.