I am a mom in my fifties. I kept on putting off straightening my teeth, although they’ve bothered me for years. I was afraid that since I’m older and have had a lot of dental work done, straightening it would be too complicated and lengthy. Finally, I decided to get a consult at Icon Orthodontics just to see what can be done, and how long it’ll take. Dr. Sarpotdar walked me through different options that could immediately improve the look of my teeth. I was surprised that as crooked as my teeth were, my treatment would take only 1 year, without removing ANY teeth. Right now I’m about 9 months into treatment, and my teeth already look AMAZING! They are completely straight! Dr Sarpotdar always explains what he’s going to do at every visit, so I know what to expect. I am SO HAPPY that I chose Icon Orthodontics, they’ve just been so easy to work with, and I’m getting the results I want fast!–Li Ding

Dr.Sarpo is the best!! He has the nicest office and employees!! He even has little goodies and drinks for every one, his dental office is neat and clean! Everyone there treats you with Respect! They are very welcoming and positive people! Me and my Grandmother HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that is looking for a GREAT orthodontics! Me and grandmothers favorite part is that they are budget friendly!–Avery

Today we had our third child put in braces but this was the first we had at Icon Orthodontics and it truly was a pleasant experience. Obviously no one wants to have to get braces but the atmosphere and professionalism of both Melissa and Dr. Sarpotdar made the process an easy one and a comfortable one, particularly for a child that has had dental trauma at a young age and is always uneasy in this type of setting. The location is clean and modern with plenty of amenities that are patient focused. The attention and care is such that you don’t feel herded through and that you feel like the most important client they have. 100% satisfied and would absolutely recommend.–Justin Wallace

We love the Icon Orthodontics office! The staff is very friendly and takes time to answer all your question. The warm and loving atmosphere made my daughter feel very comfortable. They provided great payment options and took the time to find one that fits in my budget. Thanks Dr. Sarpotdar and staff!!!!–Kristin Reish

This place was so awesome! Went after they sent us a flyer. The staff is so caring, sweet and make you feel right at home.–Nikki LopezI had a great experience at Icon Orthodontics. Dr. Sarpotdar and his staff are super friendly and they seem to genuinely care about you. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone looking to get braces.–Vincent Chau