Keeping Your Child On Track

At Icon, we believe in conservative, properly timed treatment for your child.

Not everyone is ready for treatment at the recommended first visit age of seven years old, so we created the PUGGLE PATROL program to encourage proper oral habits and monitoring of common conditions that could occur:

  • Permanent teeth going "off track" or "getting stuck" (IMPACTED TEETH).
  • "Bite" issues that could cause damage to teeth, gums, or proper growth of face and jaws (CROSSBITES, SMALL JAWS, ASYMMETRY, OVERBITE).
  • Poor oral habits that could affect growth and chewing function (THUMB/FINGER SUCKING, SNORING, POOR TONGUE POSTURE).
  • Esthetic concerns that affect self-esteem (CROWDING, OVERBITE, etc.)
  • Other tooth positions that may result in an increased risk of harm to teeth, gums or face.

Our program is free to enroll in upon completion of a free consultation and commitment to the puggle patrol pledge.

Members receive their own puggle patrol dog tag and certificate of membership, after which they get to spin our wheel for great prizes! Members may spin the wheel at each of their regularly scheduled appointments when they bring their dog tag to the office!

Orthodontics Glendale

The Puggle Patrol Pledge

I promise to:

    1. BRUSH my teeth twice at least twice a day and FLOSS at least once a day, EVERY day
    2. Come to all of my appointments ON TIME
    3. Be KIND and encourage others to be kind