dr. sarpotdar
Glendale & Surprise Orthodontist

Meet Dr. Sarpotdar

Dr. Sarpotdar – or "Dr. Sarpo," as his patients call him – has been practicing as an orthodontic specialist since 2013. His alma maters include Brigham Young University, UCLA School of Dentistry, and Columbia University, where he obtained his master's in Orthodontics as Chief Resident (and also met his wife, Dr. Sun!)

Dr. Sarpo started his first private practice, Icon Orthodontics, in Surprise in 2015 and has been a leader in the profession ever since as the founder of the Orthodontic Pearls Facebook group – the largest orthodontist study group of its kind – and its corresponding annual meeting called the Mother of Pearls Conference. Additionally, he is on the editorial board of Orthotown Magazine, a columnist for the PCSO Bulletin, and a knowledge expert/speaker for Ormco, a major orthodontic supplier. Today he practices alongside his wife, Dr. Jenny Sun, out of their two locations in Surprise and Glendale, AZ.

Drs. Sun and Sarpo welcomed their first daughter, Chloe, into the world in September of 2022, and their lives have been forever changed. When he has free time, he enjoys traveling, snowboarding, reading, and watching science fiction movies. He runs his life like he runs his practice through the virtues of integrity, teamwork, excellence, and delight. As a lifelong student, Dr. Sarpo lives by virtue of constant improvement and challenges himself to live every day a little better than the last.