How To Get The Most Out of Your Orthodontic Treatment

How can you get the most out of your orthodontic treatment? At Icon Orthodontics, we are your go-to orthodontics experts in Surprise and Glendale. Dr. Sarpotdar and Dr. Sun have a shared passion – empowering our patients with the knowledge they need to play an active role in their orthodontic journey. We want to impart some tried-and-true tips to make your road to that impeccable smile successful and enjoyable! Please stick around, and let’s unravel the secrets to getting the most out of your ortho treatment together!

Choosing The Correct Treatment

One of the cornerstones of an exceptional orthodontic experience is undoubtedly picking the treatment that is the perfect fit for you. The choice can seem daunting, given the array of innovative treatments we offer. Whether you fancy the invisibility of clear aligners, the traditional reliability of Damon metal braces, or the fusion of discreetness and efficacy of InBrace SmartWire Technology, we’ve got you covered!

But how do you know which treatment best matches your needs? That’s where Dr. Sarpotdar and Dr. Sun come in. Armed with their expertise and insight, they will provide you with a treatment plan designed around your specific requirements, lifestyle, and comfort. During the consultation, share your expectations, concerns, and any other factors that could influence your treatment choice. Remember, your path to an iconic smile (see what we did there?) is a partnership between you and us, and open communication is key!

Hygiene During Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is not a free pass to slack on your oral hygiene — if anything, it’s a call to upgrade it! The path to a stunning smile involves straightening your teeth and ensuring they’re healthy and robust. 

Brushing and flossing twice a day are as important as ever. But with orthodontic appliances, you’ve got some extra places where food and bacteria can hide. Up your game by investing in good oral hygiene tools. A toothbrush with an automatic timer and pressure sensor can prevent overbrushing and under-brushing. At the same time, water flossers and interproximal brushes can dislodge stubborn particles stuck in hard-to-reach places. Remember, these tools are not a replacement for traditional flossing but a valuable addition to your arsenal. 

Remember your regular appointments! While we understand that people are busy and things happen, you must keep us in the loop if you need to reschedule. Stay on top of your schedule, and we will do our best to accommodate any sudden changes. 

In a nutshell, proper oral hygiene is your faithful ally on your journey to a spectacular smile. So, keep up with it; the results will undoubtedly be worth it. You can depend on the Icon Orthodontics team to offer best practices and answer all your questions.

What To Eat During Treatment

What’s one of your best weapons when it comes to getting the most out of your ortho treatment? Food! It not only fuels our bodies but also profoundly affects our oral health. Even though you might have to avoid some of your favorites while in braces, don’t let that stop you. Your taste buds won’t suffer! 

Let’s start with the basics. Hard, sticky, or sugary foods are totally off-limits. They can break or damage your braces and cause plaque buildup around your brackets. Instead, opt for softer and healthier choices. Think fresh fruits, cooked veggies, and lean proteins. Or go with milk, yogurt, and cheese. Foods like these contain calcium and phosphorus. They are also fantastic for your teeth. They can help to remineralize your tooth enamel and maintain the strength of your teeth during treatment.

While hydration is always vital, it’s even more so during orthodontic treatment. Water helps rinse food debris and dilute the acids leading to tooth decay. So, make sure you’re drinking plenty of it!

Dietary changes may be challenging initially, but they are essential for your ortho treatment’s success. And you’re not alone! The Icon Orthodontics team is always here to help, offering nutritional guidance tailored to your treatment plan.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Ortho Treatment

Regular Checkups

Orthodontic treatment is a marathon; just like any marathon, treatment requires regular pit stops to ensure everything goes smoothly. Your frequent visits to Icon Orthodontics are much more than just adjustment appointments. They’re an opportunity for Dr. Sarpotdar and Dr. Sun to assess your progress, tweak your treatment plan if needed, and verify your teeth and gums are healthy.

On top of that, it’s vital to remember your biannual check-ups with your orthodontist. Orthodontic treatment aligns your teeth and perfects your smile. This helps us keep your oral health in peak condition. They’ll tackle potential problems such as cavities or gum disease that could sideline your orthodontic treatment.

Consider these appointments as pit stops in your race to a winning smile. They ensure your ortho treatment runs efficiently and helps you cross the finish line with a gleaming, healthy smile. Regular check-ups at our Surprise or Glendale locations and appointments create a strong foundation for achieving and maintaining your dream smile. 

Rest assured; we’re committed to keeping this journey smooth and successful at Icon Orthodontics. We’re in this together every step of the way!

Treatment Aftercare and Maintenance

Completing your orthodontic treatment is an exciting milestone. But remember, the journey to your stunning smile doesn’t end here. To preserve your newly aligned teeth, aftercare is absolutely crucial. And our team at Icon Orthodontics is here to help your beautiful smile last a lifetime.

The most critical aftercare tool at your disposal is your retainer. Wearing your retainer, as Dr. Sarpotdar and Dr. Sun instructed, is the most effective way to prevent your teeth from gradually returning to their original positions. 

Good oral hygiene practices also remain essential. Brushing, flossing, and regular check-ups should be an integral part of your routine to maintain your oral health and the aesthetic appeal of your smile. 

Ensuring orthodontic success extends beyond the day your braces come off, or your aligners finish. It’s a lifelong commitment. But with proper aftercare and maintenance, your confident, beautiful smile will continue to shine bright for years. At our Surprise and Glendale offices, we’re ready to guide you through every phase of your orthodontic journey. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you!

How To Get The Most Out of Your Ortho Treatment

Get An Iconic Smile In Surprise Or Glendale

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