How to Maintain Your Perfect Smile After Getting Your Braces Off

Here at Icon Orthodontics in Maricopa County, we know just how good it feels to get those pesky braces off! Congratulations! You’ve worked hard with us for months or even years to get to this point, and you should feel great about that! 

Now, however, you’re entering a crucial period for your orthodontic health. The research is in – the first six months after you get your braces removed are critical for ensuring that your smile stays looking sharp for years to come. 

Dr. Sun and Dr. Sarpotdar (Dr. Sarpo to his friends) want to set you up for success, so they’ve laid out a few simple steps that’ll surely have you smiling wider than ever. Especially now that your smile is braces-free! 

Let’s dive into it below, and find out how to keep you grinning. 

Step 1 – Tips for Retainers  

Your retainer is the single most crucial aspect of your post-braces success. Studies show that many patients discontinue retainer use after the first few months and that this is far and away the most common cause of further orthodontic difficulties down the road. 

You’ve worked hard over months or even years to get the best smile possible! Dr. Sarpotdar and Dr. Sun want you to keep that smile, so be sure and get comfortable with that retainer! 

Let’s talk a little bit about maintaining your new best friend.

Retainer care 

Your retainer is essential for maintaining alignment, so be sure and keep it clean and well-protected. You’ll want to wear your retainer for the first six months at least 22 hours a day and have a high-quality cleaning fluid to soak in when it’s out. 

Be sure and avoid leaving your retainer near any significant heat sources, as these can cause it to warp its shape and become less effective. 

It goes without saying, but be sure to keep your retainer safe when out of use. You should also consider having a backup on hand, and that’s why the folks at Icon Orthodontics have top-of-the-line equipment ready to 3D print yours today. 

How to Maintain Your Perfect Smile After Getting Your Braces OffStep 2 – Brushing Basics!

Now that you’re finally free, it’s time to ensure that you keep up a great habit of brushing in the morning and at night, as well as after snacks. 

Here at Icon Orthodontics, we know you’ve been diligent so far! Keep on keeping on! 

Some tips to remember with your brushing: use soft bristles at a 45-degree angle for at least 2 minutes at a time. Be sure and brush the insides of your teeth. Some patients may neglect these areas as they aren’t usually visible, but they’re just as important when it comes to your dental health. 

A new brush is a happy brush. Make sure you’re swapping your brush out every three months or so to keep things moving in the right direction.

Step 3 – Keep regularly scheduled appointments.

Dr. Sarpotdar and Dr. Sun are so happy you’ve made it to this stage of your orthodontic journey. Now that your braces are off remember to keep up with a regular schedule of check-ups and cleanings. 

Let’s keep things going in the right direction! We recommend an initial post-removal cleaning, as there is a certain degree of expected plaque buildup between brackets in hard-to-reach areas during treatment. You’ll probably want to come back about once every six months too.

Step 4 – Consider a Course of Whitening.   

We get it – your braces finally come off, and you’re disappointed to see some mild staining or white spots in and around the formerly bracketed area. Don’t worry! That’s completely normal. 

Many of our patients are curious about whitening treatment. That can be a great way to offset some of the natural discoloration that is bound to occur during the braces process. Certain spots are just unreachable with them on, and here at Icon Orthodontics, we want you to look (and feel!) your very best. 

Just remember, your teeth will be a little sensitive in the first week or two after debonding, and a professional whitening could aggravate that sensitivity, so it’s best to wait a little while.  

How to Maintain Your Perfect Smile After Getting Your Braces OffWe’re here to help! 

If you’re a Greater Maricopa County community member, we hope you keep us in mind for all your orthodontic needs. You’re important to us, and nothing means more to this firm than growing with the people of our community. 

Dr. Sarpotdar became the Founder and President of leading orthodontic specialists group Ortho 2.0 because he loves his profession, but he and Dr. Sun ( Who he somehow convinced to marry him) opened their doors in Surprise and Glendale because this is where they want to raise their family. 

And that’s what you are when you walk into Icon – family. Call today!